Privacy Policy

We kindly ask you to read this document. The information presented here will provide answers to many of your questions about the confidentiality of your data. If you still have questions after reading, you can contact us.

Starting to work with our Web site, you automatically agree to the collection, storage and disclosure of your personal information within the framework of these Rules.

We are very sensitive to this issue, as we understand perfectly that the confidentiality of personal information is important for every person. In this regard, we have created a list of Rules, through which you can be sure of protecting your personal data.

1. Data collection
When working with our site, depending on the interaction, we collect the information we need.

If you are not a registered user.

In this case, when working on our site we are Footage Stock and our partners can use cookies. Since you are not yet a registered user, our database may contain the following information about you:

1) Location of your search

2) Username (if you used the "Remember Me" window)

3) The time and date on our Website

4) Type of information that you viewed on Footage Stock

If you are a registered user.

If you have passed registration, the amount of information transferred to us will be large, which is quite logical. We store and collect the following information:

1) User's name and surname

2) Place of residence

3) Contact Information

4) When the author completes the tax documents when uploading materials, the data is also stored in our database

5) When purchasing / withdrawing funds, the payment details to be filled are also stored in our database

6) If you leave a comment somewhere, we collect the data and store your nickname, location and other data that you place

The following information about you is automatically saved:

1) Internet connection IP address

2) Time and date on the Website

3) Type of browser and operating system

4) Any changes made on the site

2. Use of your personal information
We may use your personal information:

1) To conduct the statistics of our site to determine when users are most often visited, what services are used more often, from which cities and countries, for analysis of popularity, for demographic indicators. This is all necessary to improve the effectiveness of Footage Stock and the introduction of new more useful methods of development.

2) For holding contests, drawings and other events.

3) For making payments, processing invoices and interacting with banks.

4) To facilitate your work on our site, by searching and offering already interesting information.

5) To send you new advertising and information products so that you always know what innovations are happening on our website, what new services and products are now in the top. If you refuse to receive the newsletter, you can change the subscription terms in "My profile".

3. Information for third parties
We work closely with some third parties who are responsible for the payment system made on our website, for the effectiveness of the Website, the elimination of errors in the work on it, for advertising support. And in this regard, they can obtain information such as the name of your web browser, the time and date of the visit to the site, the IP address, the name of the cellular communication and other technical information concerning the work of you on our website.

4. Dissemination of your information
We may disclose your information in the following cases:

1) When carrying out any work on the site of persons who are specialized and signed an agreement on the non-disclosure of confidential information.

2) Upon request from the authorities for violation of the "Site Rules".

3) At merger or sale, bankruptcy, ruin to persons who are partners or guarantors.

4) Subsidiaries of Footage Stock or partners of our company.

5) With your consent.

5. Consent to the collection of your information
Working on our Website, you automatically agree to the processing, storage and transfer of your personal information within the framework of this document.

6. The choice is yours
In some cases, you may modify or hide part of our information from us:

1) In the section "My profile" you can edit your personal data, edit your profile at your discretion. But we warn you, if you use third-party data that is not a confirmation of your identity, you can be blocked and deleted from our database without notifying you about it, as it is controlled by the Code of Site Rules.

2) You may find yourself from cookies. To do this, you need to access the settings of your browser and computer software.

3) You can opt-out of the advertising distribution by going to "My profile" and marking the field for canceling the subscription.

7. Changes on the Website
Footage Stock has the full right to change and update information in this application without notifying you about it. In this regard, we urge you to view and monitor the updates and modifications of our site.

The policy is made in Russian and English. In the event of a conflict between the versions of the Treaty, its Russian version is an advantage.